Who we are
Manufacturer and supplier of innovative, expandable, reliable and easy to use video surveillance systems.

RosTech® was founded in July 1967 by specialists whose vision of future technology had since made our company a recognized leader in provision of full spectrum of surveillance and security solutions to all types of businesses and industries.

Quality Assurance
Our expertise in process engineering and quality assurance has been timelessly fine-tuned to put the best possible products on the market. At RosTech® no issue is ever left unattended.

All our electronics, mechanics and software is thoroughly tested to insure flawless long lasting performance.

Sales Policy
We operate a strict policy by selling only products of superior quality and value. We maintain balanced amounts of stock so that we do not have to sell any of the yesterday’s technologies today.


Our sales force is trained in product support and testing, ensuring that you will receive only pertinent information from an informed source.

Support and Warranty
At RosTech® we take pride in our support and service department. We constantly develop our facilities, put our products through a rigorous series of tests and ensure that our support staff is fully trained to handle all of your immediate support issues. We provide both toll-free telephone and e-mail customer support.


All RosTech® products have a 1 year limited warranty. Extended warranty plans are also available.